When I started getting into planning more seriously, I kept coming across videos and tutorials on “clear stamping.” Clear stamps kept popping up in my feed. I was like, wtf is that? How does somebody use that? But I never clicked because I figured hey, I’m pretty good with my stickers, I don’t need to investigate further. I don’t need to get into “stamps.” Like, stickers are expensive enough, do I need an extra layer of planner decorating that is just going to take up more of my time and cost me more money? Does my planner need more distractions from the actual appointments and important data I need to jot down?



Come on. Where do you think you are? Do you even know me?

Let’s get into clear stamping together!

One company that makes clear stamps really stood out to me. Lawn Fawn offers the CUTEST clear stamp sets ever.  And full disclosure, watching their tutorial on how to do clear stamping is what got me psyched to try it.


And that’s pretty much it! Clear stamping is basically just stick n’ peel stamps that go on a block that acts as the base. You peel the stamp off when you’re done. Both the block itself and the stamp are reusable. What is not to like about that?

What do you need?

To get started, let’s stick with Lawn Fawn for a moment. I picked up one of their acrylic block sets so that I’d have a block in each size to use over and over. There are other block sets you can get but I like the shape Lawn Fawn sells. It’s personal preference I guess.  Plus they have a grid on theirs that comes in handy when laying out your designs.

Then you pick out some ink pads.


I like this set from Decora because it includes metallics and the ink is good on fabric and wood as well.

And now, of course, the fun part. Pick out your stamps!!!

Here are some clear stamp sets I personally love. Some (like this latte one) are especially perfect for Valentine’s day. Just sayin.’


Lawn Fawn


This set is particularly good for planners…


Lawn Fawn


Phrases set…



Phrases that I never use but may stamp…

Jimbo Lojik


And I’d be completely and totally remiss if I didn’t include clear stamp sets from Etsy. Because, duh.

Etsy shop Nesalis


Etsy Shop Andrea Gomoll


And there are a TON of practical stamps for planning purposes…

Hero Arts


Waffle Flower


And there you have it. Do you do a lot of clear stamping in your planner? Or make paper crafts with the stamps? I’m excited to give it a try and show you how it turns out. Happy planning! xo