Once upon a time, I was a girl without a printer.

It was a dark time. Mostly for my husband because I’d email him at work constantly asking him to print stuff out for me. Sometimes it was tickets to a concert, sometimes a recipe. But once I started getting more and more into planning, I realized that getting our old printer up and running was important. Not just for the preservation of our marriage, but because there are so many awesome printable sticker kits I wanted to try out.

So how exactly does it work?

Well, you need a solid color printer, for one. I happen to use an HP Envy 4500 which I’m very happy with. But since we got this printer, many more models have come out that are even better.

My printer and laminator. Best buds.

And then you’re going to go ahead and buy yourself some sticker paper. I usually stick with Avery products, but you can find sticker paper anywhere they sell office supplies.

You follow the instructions and that’s it! Instant stickers from whatever shop you purchase them from. You just have to cut them out freehand with scissors or an exacto knife if you’re fancy. You can even design them yourself. There are a TON of YouTube videos explaining how to do this.  I haven’t designed my own yet, but I do plan on it for 2017. Printing yourself is great because you’re not limited to a number. You can print out as many or as few as you’d like. Also, and most importantly, they are cheaper than the pre-cut stickers. So you’re saving money? Well…sort of. You still have to buy the sticker paper. And you’re using your own ink which you will also have to keep re-ordering and ink is suuuuper expensive. But, you know what? Seeing the lower sticker price makes you feel good in the moment. And we should all be trying to live in the moment more, right? The Power of Now? No? Anyway.

Is this post boring? It kind of is, right?

To liven things up, let’s take a look at some of my current FAVORITE print-at-home kits on Etsy. Click the links to purchase them. Some are clip art, some are complete weekly or monthly kits. All are super. Support your fellow planner girls!

FrouFrou Craft

Beautiful watercolor printables.

From FrouFrou Craft


From FrouFrou Craft


Paper And Gumption

Love the art style on this kit, and the colors.

From Paper and Gumption



I love these adorable bikini girls to track your fitness progress!

From DesignBy2


Aaaaand their cutest water tracker stickers!

From DesignBy2


YupiYei Papers

Grocery guys I just love. Using them might actually make me look forward to my supermarket daze days.

From YupiYei Papers



Same thing with these garbage cans. This shop makes garbage day adorable.

From AprilRainStore


And you get the idea. These are just a few of my personal faves at the moment (and trust me, I could post a million more). If you do an Etsy search for “printable planner stickers” you’re going to see the market is ripe with print at home stickers you can plan yourself silly with. Happy planning! xo