January is a month where most people take stock of their lives. We see evidence of this with the predictable rise in gym memberships after New Years time and time again. This is a time of self-reflection, a time where we look at ourselves and wonder if we could be doing better. You could always be doing better. If you’re anything like me, you never feel like you’re doing enough and yet feel completely overwhelmed. Maybe it’s a mom thing?

Poking around the Internet (dangerous, I know) I came across a few wellness worksheets that you might like to help you with some good ol’ self-love… Not that kind, ew. Come on.

Some of these are online worksheets, some are printables. But all of them are worth checking out if you’re in the mood for introspection. Who knows, some of these exercises might give you some clarity. When you’re wondering why none of your friends call you back, completing one of these sheets might reveal that 1. It’s just because you’re boring and 2. Most people prefer texting now. Stop living in the 90s.

Also, I know I don’t have to tell you, because you’re not an idiot, but don’t use these sheets to replace real, actual medical advice from a doctor. If you think you’re suffering from depression, or any kind of personal struggle, call your doctor. Make an appointment. Trust me. It is so worth it. Even if they don’t hook you up with meds (which do help), they can at the very least point you in the right direction. Glad we had this talk.

McGraw Hill Wellness Worksheets

In the social sciences section of the McGraw Hill site, there is a plethora of wellness worksheets. Like an insane amount. Everything from general wellness to sexuality, spiritual wellness, to (boring) things like nutrition. If you wanted to find a place where you could take a bazillion test to learn more about yourself, this would be it. Or you could stick with Buzzfeed to see which Gilmore Girl you are. Whatever, I don’t judge. Here’s a sample of the “Evaluate Your Lifestyle” worksheet you can do online.

Taking time to do any of these McGraw Hill wellness exercises is good way to pass the time. They might inspire you to take it a step further and journal your findings in a creative way. Plus, most of the hundreds of McGraw Hill Wellness sheets are available in printable pdf form, so if spending time staring at a screen bothers you, you can do it with good old pen and paper. And I know you like that because you’re here.



It’s not just for hair color ideas and recipes! It may seem obvious to some of you, but to be honest, I started my search in a search engine, not realizing how many pins were going to pop up as results. Then I was like, ohhhh yeahhhhh. Duh. Pinterest!

Pinterest is a great source for health and wellness sheets that you can adopt into your planner. Here are some charts and diagrams that would be amazing additions to a mental health section in your planner. You could also hand draw these if you have the time/talent/inclination to do so. Again, I got these all from Pinterest so the sources are varied (and sometimes broken links), but if you click on the images it will take you to my search results. There you can even browse through yourself to get some inspiration.

Credit Pinterest from Wellspring


Credit Pinterest



I came across this site that not only offers free self-care worksheets, but also other free print outs like a 2 week meal plan. Legit. Plus I’m into the author and owner of the site, Laura Agar Wilson. She seems like the coolest chic ever! Any lady who sets out to help other ladies be their best selves is a babe I fully support.

Credit WholeHeartedlyHealthy


Heartful Habits

Credit Heartful Habits

Grace from Heartful Habits is also adorable and offers some nice printables for a wellness journal, in addition to green living advice as a whole.  Definitely check out her blog on wellness!


Centre for Clinical Interventions

So this place is located in western Australia, run by psychologists and specialists in the mental health field with the Metropolitan Health Services. They may be far away, but their clinicians have put together a pretty huge printable database for their clients, some of which might be helpful to you. They have print out worksheets on everything from Body Dysmorphia Disorder (BDD) to coping with depression, to working on becoming more assertive. Here’s an example of a pretty awesome worksheet that handles social anxiety. They recommend a Thought Diary, which can help break down your unproductive thoughts.

Credit Centre for Clinical Interventions

I recommend looking at the entire .pdf exercise (clicking on it will get you there) because I struggle with social anxiety and their suggestions are certainly food for thought.


It’s also a nice idea to have meditation instructions or a reminder to meditate in your planner. There are definitely stickers for that – like these adorable ones from Dook Plook Designs.

Dook Plook Designs


Or these super-cute meditation reminders from Planner Cake Press.

Planner Cake Press


But focus, Meg, we’re talking about printables! Here’s a nice little meditation guide from Insight Mediation you can use or adapt for inside your planner.

Credit Insight Meditation Ann Arbor


And of course, if you need inspiration for wellness journaling and planning, there are so many ideas and examples you can garner from a simple Google search, YouTube or yes, a Pinterest search. This includes inspirational quotes. Word to the wise – double check the source of whatever quote you decide to beautifully and artfully hand letter into your planner. Pinterest doesn’t always get it right, you know?

Also, here’s a handy list of 30 Journaling Prompts for Self Reflection that may be helpful if you’re stumped for an introspective journal entry. You know, stuff like “what would I say to my teenage self?” (burn those Jncos. Make sure no one ever takes a picture of you wearing them. Also, try to be less into ska. Big waste of your time.)

I wish you well in your wellness journey. If you’d like to share some of your wellness journaling for inspiration, by all means! Happy planning. xo