During my daily search for the perfect planner for 2018, I came across the Rite in the Rain planner. This little guy sets himself apart from the other planners by claiming to be repellent against water, mud and ….sweat. If you’re so sweaty that all your plans keep getting smudged in your planner, please go to a doctor. I can’t imagine any scenario that it makes sense for a person to be planning and also simultaneously sweating all over the place. Like, if you’re running a marathon, are you also carrying your planner? If you’re house is 100 degrees and you’re drenched in sweat – couldn’t you just wipe yourself off for the two minutes it takes to jot something down?

Either way, this planner exists. And, okay, it’s primary boast is just “water” and not solely human sweat. It’s weird that they chose to include sweat in their marketing though, right? Like wouldn’t tears make wayyyyyyy more sense? Especially for us crazy planner ladies? Right?

Look, if you do sweat a lot, I understand, I do too. I once went on a journey to find the best deodorant¬†for women because I was convinced I was too sweaty for any to work well (I’m going with Ban currently, but there’s probably a better one out there I just haven’t found yet). But even with my moderate to severe amount of sweat, I’ve never run into a problem dripping sweat all over my planner. Crying, sure. I’ve cried while planning because that’s just what happens sometimes.

Also I love that they show you can write your plans down in crayon because we’re assuming now that you’re completely insane.

So if you find yourself planning in states of crises or just out in the rain like a lunatic, check out the Rite in the Rain planner.

Happy Planning! xo