Midori  is a Japanese stationery company that has a reputation for making the *best* paper products around. People swear by their notebooks because the quality is unsurpassed. Though the notebooks stand on their own, they come in a range of sizes that can fit into some larger planner covers.  Midori notebooks are great for bullet journaling because you can choose pages with a grid, blank or lined. They have a 167 page catalog you can flip through on their site!


one page of many


A5 Grid notebook

While the phenomenal reputation of these unassuming little notebooks intrigues me, I’m more impressed with Midori’s other products. Take their Traveler’s collection.


Midori offers an array of stickers and inserts to complement their Traveler’s notebooks which have a tall, slim profile.

A Traveler’s starter kit comes with a leather shell, and you get a slim notebook to fit inside.

I love the Traveler’s system because you can really customize what you want to  put inside your leather cover.

The design is minimal but elegant. LOVE!

If you use a Midori notebook or their Traveler’s system, let me know what you think! Happy Planning. xo