With all the planners on the market, it’s tough to decide which company makes the type of  planner that satisfies both style and function. Often when you find one that meets your needs (big enough boxes, tabbed months, the week starting on Sunday, etc), there’s not much variety. Enter Blue Sky.

Blue Sky personal planners have been around for a while, popping up in stores like Target, Staples and even FedEx. Based out of  southern California, Blue Sky combines the fun, peppy colors and designs that planner girls love, with the functionality and durability that we have come to expect now that the market is rapidly expanding. When giant retail chains like Michael’s and Target are offering more and more planners, planner stickers and accessories, you know that it’s going to be tough for little companies to push their planners to the forefront and stay afloat. I happen to think Blue Sky is doing a tremendous job.

Recently, I visited my local Target and took a look at a TON of new 2017 planners from Blue Sky. Out of all the jumbled mess of planners that customers tornadoed through over the past few weeks, I have to say my eye was instantly drawn to the Blue Skies first.


Target planner wall, calling my name!


I picked up the smaller leopard print planner, just to see if they skimped on tabs (which a lot of companies do with their smaller planner sizes).


Tabs! Woohoo!


They did not. They kept the tabs on the months which thrilled me. Yes, this type of thing thrills me. Don’t judge.

I also noticed that they print on recycled paper. Go Blue Sky!

I have owned a few Blue Sky planners that I scored at Target over the past couple years and I’ve always been super happy with them. But when I went online recently to check out their website, I discovered that Blue Sky is now in the personalization game! WHAAAAAAAAT.



First you get to choose whether you want a personal planner or notebook.


This is too exciting.


Then you get to decide the size, and go through a sick menu of options INCLUDING RING COLOR!?! WTF. Blue Sky upped the ante! They are on top of it!


Amazing customization menu


So I gave it go and played around with the menu, just to see what a fully loaded planner with the add ons would run me.

And you’re not going to believe this.

UNDER $30!!!

UNDER $30!!!


Where SOME customized planner companies charge you almost $90, I’d say that a custom Blue Sky planner is sooooooo worth it. Plus, and I’m not shitting you here, they offer MORE options than the “other” plastic cover company that does custom planners.

Look, I’m not being paid by Blue Sky planners to spotlight them. They don’t even know I exist. But I’m telling you as someone who has used their planners that trying out their new customize system is totally worth your while if you’re looking for an inexpensive but awesome new planner for 2017 that is structured EXACTLY how you want it.

If $30 still seems a little steep to fork over for a planner, I hear you. But knowing what I know about what’s out there, it’s a great price. If you don’t need a custom planner, just a good one, you can buy Blue Sky planners on Amazon too.

Not custom but still pretty.


Well, hopefully you’ve been inspired to check out Blue Sky for your next planner purchase. If you have one already, let me know what you think of it! Happy planning. xo