If you own a Filofax, you’re somebody important.

That’s been my feeling about Filofaxes ever since I first laid my eyes on one, probably in the late eighties when I started to obsess over planners. Filofaxes are for the boss in my mind, someone who travels first class, someone with a lot on their plate because they are rich and busy and they don’t have time for Dayminders. They want quality, something that will last. Strong business women and CEOs are the ones carrying around a Filofax. They want something classic and timeless. The Filofax user is smart, erudite and serious.

I own a Filofax, and not because I am any of those things but because that’s who I want to be: a Filofax user.

Let me just say, I don’t get paid by Filofax, obviously. And since the 80s, Filofax has lost some of its elitist shine, but I’m campaigning hard to bring back the classic planner that means business. This is my Filofax love story.

So Filofax started back in 1921 in the UK. The design of the leather binder with the 6 ring inserts originated in 1910 at a US company based in Philly called “Lefax.” This company made the binders for engineers who had to carry around a lot of junk like technical handbooks. In 1921, a London-based printer began importing the Lefaxes and the Filofax brand was born. Filofax got its name from the abbreviation “File of Facts.”

In the 1980s “Yuppie Culture” became a thing, and Filofax was THE must-have accessory for yuppies, putting the brand on the map. Remember, this was wayyyyy before electronic organizers and apps. Powerful people of the past proudly flashed their Filofaxes at work, and while waiting for their company car to pull up. Think Sigourney Weaver in Working Girl….

You know that bitch had a Filofax.

Or like, maybe any of the Designing Women


You KNOW Gordon Gekko had like, eight Filofaxes.


You get the picture. Filofaxes represented really making something of yourself (even if criminally).

So what’s new with Filofax? Why am I going on this long rant about how much I love them?

January is here. In fact, it’s almost over. So I had a big choice to make. What planner should I go with for 2018? Or at least, in my case, what planner should I start off with in 2018?

Looking over what I had, I realized I hadn’t been using my little gold Filofax for a while. The inserts were from like 2016. And I love that little Filofax I had, so why not bring it back?

I have the gold saffiano leather personal-size Filofax.

That’s her. Isn’t she beautiful?

So I picked it up, dusted it off, and bought some inserts from my FAVORITE Etsy insert shop, SewMuchCrafting. I don’t have an affiliate link with her, I don’t work with her, I’m honestly telling you she’s the best. The quality of her planner inserts is unparalleled. If you don’t believe me, check her reviews. She also ships relatively quickly, and I’ve never had a problem. The feel of her paper is fantastic. It’s thick without being bulky. Thin enough that the paper flips nicely but not at all see through. Markers don’t bleed through. It’s weird. But a good kind of weird.

I chose the weekly inserts with this layout because there is so much room on each day to write, and I track a lot of things (finances, weight, food, appointments, thoughts) – a lot- and it all fits. I flipped to March so my husband might be reminded of our ten-year anniversary which is somewhere on this spread. If he still forgets, I’ll know he doesn’t remember AND he also doesn’t read my blog which will be two strikes against him. Let’s see what happens…

In addition to the monthly and weekly layout, I also purchased monthly tabs from a separate shop on Etsy which have not yet arrived, but I’ll update when they come. I get excited when I find something I like on Etsy and I always forget to see where it’s shipping from so sometimes it will take like three weeks from overseas. Amazon has spoiled me.

Anyway, that’s what I’m working with now, and I couldn’t be happier. The personal Filofax size is perfect for my purse which is a lot more than I can say for Erin Condren. I love Erin Condren, I really do. But it’s unreasonably large, and until she makes tabbed months in a smaller size, I’m not doing it. Why do they always skimp on tabs when they make a pocket size or personal size? It’s not that hard.

The cheap pen I use is the Pilot Acroball which I really love. No cap, fits well in the planner and writes like a dream.


Of course, I already have my Filofax, but I do love looking at the new designs. Some of my 2018 favorites are:

The Marble Personal Organizer


The Duck Egg Patent Personal Organizer


And the Domino Patent Personal Organizer in Pink


Do you own a Filofax? What are your thoughts? Any tips for even more personalization of a Filofax? Send me your Filofax fantasies and happy planning! xo