…and the kits look AMAZING.

The same 1950s, early 60s aesthetic that we’ve grown to love with The Reset Girl, and this time Cori brings us even more than ever before!

You can pick up a Crafty, Planner or Sticker Girl Kit. The Adored kits are packed with goodies varying in size and content. They are available for pre-order right now. The Crafty kit is the one I have my eye on (and of course the most expensive at $39.99 – but looooooook):


Credit The Reset Girl

I mean, are you serious?!

And if you can’t spring for a kit, you can get a little taste of the Adored Collection by picking up a prompt pack (stickers that will prompt creative writing). Here’s the Listers Gotta List (LGL) prompt sheet which looks like so much fun!!


Credit The Reset Girl

Don’t you want to try this in your planner?! Or even your vision book, or just anywhere?

Let us know if you’ve picked up anything from The Reset Girl Adored Collection, and show us how you used it! Happy planning! xo