Hey there!

I know what you’re thinking. “I know I CAN plan without stickers, but why would I WANT to?”

While I agree that stickers are super fun, convenient and save you time on decorating, they can get downright expensive. Who has the money to buy a kit for every single month, every single week and also washi and also divider stickers, all year long?

Don’t let your lack of stickers dictate how awesome your spread can be. Here are some helpful ideas to design your days without *gasp* planner stickers.

Hand Lettering

While I agree, picking up a Happy Planner pack of quotes or little prompts like “You Go Girl” in awesome handwriting with gold foil is ideal, you can do it yourself. Yes, yes you can. Stop it, you can.

Books like Creative Lettering and Beyond, will take you through hand lettering techniques you can use to write “Weekend” in the best, possible way. Of course you’re going to need some serious pens, but we’ll get onto that in a minute. Pick up the notepad (below) version so you can practice in the book before you put your skills to use in your own planner.

Here’s a lettering book from Chalkfulloflove who you may know from social media.

I actually poked around her blog and I really like it! It’s very homey and charming, nothing like this blog. If that blog is mason jars, this blog is broken beer bottles. But really, check it out because along with lifestyle stuff like recipes and whatnot, she covers lettering and you can see some of her work. I LOVE the speckled mugs. I *might* get one.

In her book, you can actually trace the letters and practice. It’s great! You’ll be writing “pick up dry cleaning” in fancy AF lettering in no time!

From Chalkfulloflove

Of course, like I said, you’re going to have to also invest in the pens. But that’s a one-time cost until they run dry which will (hopefully) take much longer than using a sticker sheet up. I know I go through my kits very quickly. I mean, they’re meant to decorate a whole month or weekly spread, so yeah, you’re essentially done with the entire sheet in one shot of decorating (if you use them as intended). I know some of us cheapskates (me) use a little from this kit and a little from that kit to spread the love and the money, but doing the lettering yourself will definitely save you some serious dough  – even if you still buy graphic stickers and not lettering stickers.

These pen-markers are awesome.

Because they’re blendable, the colors look almost like paint and it creates this beautiful effect. Here’s what they look like written out.

Imagine what you could do with this?

Of course, you need to pick up a black set too. I like this set because you get 3 of the hard tip and the soft, brush-like tip. 3 of each! Both come in handy for different types of writing and drawing.

That’s obvious, though, right? I mean, I’m not talking down to you, I’m just like, trying to cover all my bases. You need black.

You can get really fancy and do an actual calligraphy set with the nibs, but that’s serious stuff.

Serious Calligraphy set if you’re nuts.

Once you’re buying calligraphy kits you are COMMITTING. I’m not ready for that kind of devotion. I’m just like, trying not to buy so many stickers, you know? But this set is only $25, and comes with different colors of ink.


So, you know, if you’re thinking “there’s no way I have time to buy all these special pens and sit down and flip through a book doing worksheets while my kids are freaking out and expecting me to make lunch for them” I hear you. That’s why there’s


Templates! Of course! You can get templates to design your planner pages for lettering AND pictures.

This set comes with letters, numbers and what I feel are the equivalent to font dingbats.

Maybe not the most inspired set of symbols, but it definitely covers your basics. Plus how you color them in is where you can add your own pizazz. Also this is the first time I have ever used the word pizazz seriously in a sentence.

And in case you’re bad at measurements, and who isn’t (everyone but me), you can see this set fits perfectly in a personal planner.


This set comes with a cat template…

A cat template?! In my cart M’Fer.


And I know I covered this yesterday, but obviously you can also use


Clear stamping kits are everywhere and awesome, so you may as well start using ’em already, dummy!


To learn more about clear stamping, go here.

Traditional stamp sets have even more options since they’ve been around forever. I looooove looking at Etsy for traditional stamping kits.

Standard Stamp is one of my favorite, favorite Etsy stamp shops.





And you get the idea.

I’m going to post a month spread soon using no stickers for next month. Let me know if you have done a stickerless spread or if you prefer not to use stickers at all, I’d love to hear from you.

Stickers or no stickers, happy planning! xo