You know who else loves stickers and drawing and making things? Your kids! So why not get them involved the next time you lay out your planner and start marking and stickering it up for the week ahead? It will be quality time spent together doing something you actually love doing (no more Barbie salon makeovers). Plus, it will keep your child focused and busy while you are concentrating on getting that washi perfectly straight across.

There a ton of planners and journals on the market made just for kids, and others I believe kids might like, even if they were intended for adults. Here in no particular order are some ideas for planners your children might love to use with you. But you don’t have to take my word for it (Reading Rainbow!) – my own children own some of these planner/journals and love them as well!

Grades K & UP

Happy Planner Mini

The exact model I chose

Okay full disclosure, I personally own this exact Happy mini planner, and I happen to think it would make a great first planner for your budding planista. Currently, it’s my main planner for all our family’s scheduling, so you know it delivers on function. But is it fun enough for a kid? Me & My Big Ideas makes the Happy Planner and a ton of adorable, colorful accessories to go with it. It is dated, though I believe there are also undated versions. Because it is structured, it’s probably not going to thrill a child under eight years old. Also, I would go with this mini because the full-sized version is probably too big for a child to cart around, and you get the same benefits with the mini, just more compact. And look at those adorable heart coils! Can’t go wrong.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid blank Diary

My oldest uses this

The Diary of A Wimpy Kid book series by Jeff Kinney is meant for third to fifth graders but I started reading the first one to my daughter who is six. She is mature for her age and loooooves comic books and comedy so this was right up her alley.  She begged me to get her a journal like Greg’s (the protagonist of the series). Sure enough, they have a blank diary that looks exactly like the first book, but it’s meant for kids to write in it. Even though it says “Diary” on it, it can be used as a planner the way that the Bullet Journal (or “Bujo”) is (but without the dot grid). You can fill it in however you like. And for younger kids who are just learning to read, a blank journal-style planner is ideal because they set the stage – ample room for drawing, decoration and ideas. And most importantly, stickers.

Kids Weekly Planner


This adorable planner by Journal Jungle Publishing features cute little characters on To-Do lists, and pages of undated “Week of” sections where your child fills in the days of the week and their plans. You can flip through it on Amazon to get a better picture. It’s precious.


The Twone Animal Weekly Planner for Kids

I totally fell in love with these animal planners by Twone. They have a VERTICAL layout which I know my Erin Condren girls will appreciate.  It is undated so you and your child can start using it as soon as you pick it up. Plus, they come with different unbelievably cute characters!


I don’t think I could choose just one!


May Designs

the May Designs menu

So May Designs makes amazing notebooks that you customize for yourself. These would make great journal-style planners for kids because you can actually add a “Kids Handwriting Book” section inside or “Kids Coloring Book” section. Plus if you let your child pick the design cover of their notebook, it will feel totally special and made just for them. What a GREAT gift idea!


Though planners like The Happy Mini, or a May Designs notebook are really ageless and good for anyone, these next planners are meant specifically for the older student, middle school to college.

The Erin Condren Academic Planner

Here’s Erin Condren explaining their academic planner, better than I ever could.


Sounds pretty great! Especially if you, mom, have the LifePlanner? OMG how cute would it be sitting side by side with your Erin Condrens, planning and talking about your lives…paradise, really.


Vera Bradley Academic Planner

People either LOVE Vera or HAAAATE Vera. So definitely make sure you find out where your daughter stands on matters of Vera Bradley. If she’s a fan, go with the student planner! I picked one up years and years ago, and I wound up using it as my sole planner for like, six months – which is a LONG time for me with a planner. If your kid is a fan, chances are she already owns something with a certain pattern on it that you could match. And if it’s an older pattern, it’s probably on sale.

Well I hope I’ve at least given you some good places to start looking before you embark on your mother-child planning journey. Godspeed and happy planning. xo