Well well well. It’s been one hell of a year. At least we can all agree on THAT, amirite?

And truthfully, I’m glad it’s over.

But back to what’s really important – new planners, ya’ll!

I got an email from Target the other day because we’re in a committed relationship, and it turns out Hearth and Hand has a 2018 planner!

Hearth and Hand is the brand created for Target by HGTV’s Joanna Gaines from the show Fixer Upper.

Joanna Gaines courtesy People

The show Fixer Upper was so hugely successful Joanna and her husband Chip started a lifestyle brand called Magnolia. They sold jewelry Joanna wore on the show, little knick knacks here and there and gave their bed & breakfast venture the same name. Then, they were like wait a minute, why don’t we partner with Target to make even more money because we love money?! That brand is called Hearth and Hand with Magnolia. Now you’re all caught up.

I used to watch Fixer Upper obsessively because I suffer from depression. I think watching shows like that make me feel worse overall but distract me just enough? Also, I learned a lot about shiplap which helped me in zero ways because everyone knows that the foundations of houses built on Long Island where I live are layers of acrylic nails and stale bagels. Very little wood used.

Here’s a look at the new Hearth and Hand 2018 Planner:



Pencil on top for size reference.


It’s very simple which is what Joanna is into (see Chip). Sometimes that’s the best kind of planner to get, especially when you plan on using lots of washi and tabs and stickers and all that junk I know many of you love to use in your planners.

It’s also no surprise that the planner is an off-white, which if you’re a fan of the show, you know is Joanna’s color of choice. She incorporates creams and shades of white into pretty much every design I’ve seen her do. So this one is no different. The dimensions are 9.5 x 8.75 inches which is close to the MAMBI Happy Planner, and the Erin Condrens, so if you’re looking for a  little portable purse planner, this probably isn’t it.

Overall, the Hearth and Hand planner is a classy, unassuming choice for 2018 that will set you back around $15. But if you hate the show Fixer Upper, can’t stand making Chip and Joanna richer, or just want a little something more exciting, stick with your Happy Planners and good ol’ Erin Condren.