We’ve all heard about comic-con, but did you know there was a…Plannercon???

That’s right! In only two months the first ever Plannercon will take place at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco, March 11-12, 2017! 🙁 I’m bummed because I’m on the other side of the country and I only found out about this event by chance just now. There’s no way I can get my act together in time to book a flight and schedule childcare for this kick-ass event. The tickets are kinda pricey at between $119-139, but you KNOW a Plannercon is going to have THE. BEST. SWAG. EVER. So I’d say it’s worth the investment if you’re not too far from San Fran.

It looks like there are some great guests lined up, and I wish the event organizers all the luck in the world! I really hope it is a smash hit so that I can score tickets for a next years Plannercon (maybe on the East coast? eh? eh?). So all my best and luck and by all means – if any of you get a chance to check it out, PU-LEASE send some pics my way and I’ll post them here for everyone to enjoy!

According to the official Plannercon Facebook Page, the lineup includes:

Erin Condren

Cori Spieker

The Reset Girl

Amy Tangerine

Karine Tovmassian

Brian Taylor

Theresa Hall

Karen Clark

Phillis Clements and more!