My very first planner sticker post. Where to start, where to start?


Let’s be honest. There are like, 2 billion Etsy planner sticker shops. It’s hard to navigate because there are frankly too many shops to pour through. Luckily stickers don’t usually break the bank, so taking a chance on a new shop is never a terrible idea. Here are two¬†of my favorite shops right off the bat!

SodaPopStudio Shop

This shop features some of the cutest and most relevant stickers for us busy moms and young women alike. She keeps it interesting by doing live videos on Periscope to answer questions or show off her latest offerings. I got some great inspiration from watching some of her videos and actually bought a few stickers that I love. I will definitely be back for more. Her colors and designs are fantastic and she is reliable when it comes to new releases and quality. Check it out!

She offers stickers for a variety of planners.



This shop is all about the quirky, irreverent joy of being a grown-ass adult who purchases and utilizes stickers. The name really gives you the vibe of this Etsy gem. I sure as hell will be picking up the chicken nugget stickers AND the funny sticker folder. AnxietyAids is keeping it real.

Yes, I’m an Adult and Yes, These are My Stickers organization folder


nugget wisdom