When I first started following planner groups on social media, I noticed they had what seemed to me like a secret language. It was weird. But I liked it.

Here are some phrases or abbreviations I see a lot that might confuse you if you’re new to the planning community. I call it “Planner Speak.”

  • “Bujo” – short for Bullet Journal. Bullet journalists are cult-like but friendly.
  • EC – short for Erin Condren.
  • HP – short for Happy Planner.
  • MAMBI – this one got me for a long time. Eventually I figured out it was an acronym for Me And My Big Ideas which makes the Happy Planner.

This is a short list, I know. I’m SURE I’m forgetting some, but these pop up a lot. I hope this helps you when you’re deciding whether to chime in or not on some thread about whose Etsy shop is better than whose. Happy Planning! xo