“Why do you need all those planners?”

Don’t. Ever. Ask. This.

It seems logical for a person to wonder what the hell you do with the towering pile of planners that sit on your desk. Is your life THAT busy that you can’t just schedule it in one planner? I call mine my planner graveyard. And you guys – these are all current planners.

You couldn’t pick a favorite child, could you?

Aaaaand, I’m getting another one for my birthday in a few days.

The question becomes…why?

And if you’re a planner, you have an answer.

Each one has a different purpose of course!

If you need some ideas on what to do with unused planners you’ve accumulated or half-used because you found a system that works better than your current for a specific purpose, I have some ideas that I’ve implemented that make me feel not so bad about loving all planners, everywhere at all times. And wanting to try new ones as they come out. It’s our thing, and we should be proud of it!

  • Diet Fitness Trackers – Uh, yeah I don’t really do this, but I know many people do use a whole planner just for their health. I like to track my weight in my daily, most used planner because I feel more accountable seeing it every time I open it to jot something down. But to each her own.
  • Finance – Keeping a budget log or diary is a great use of an old planner (when I say old, I mean, it’s still current for the year but not your primary). I find that balancing a checkbook/bank account is ideal for a planner because there’s never enough room in that little checkbook space you’re supposed to do it in. Not that I’m spending a lot, I just have big handwriting. An unused planner is great for tracking spending and being your sole book for balancing your budget. Keep it all in one place. And if you are good at charts and graphs – like with a bullet journal – you can make some really fun visual tools that might inspire you to keep your finance in check.
  • Work – I like to use one journal just for this blog! I write post ideas, goals, things I have to check up on, edit, etc. If I had a business where I was dealing with customers or clients, I’d like to keep it in a separate planner as well, just because you can get really, really detailed and specific about your customers needs, or notes on calls you had. Trying to cram it all into one planner is just, well, bad for business!
  • Inspiration – This is my favorite use of planners, and I use two just for this purpose. One is a plain marble notebook where I keep ideas or goals that I like to check periodically. It also helps if you’re a forgetful and very busy person. Because I know myself and if I don’t write it down somewhere, it’s not happening. The other book I’m using for this purpose is this beautiful blank journal I picked up from my recent Michael’s trip.

Vision Booking

I use this book to “Vision Book” which is basically making a vision board but inside a book. So much better than a board because 1. It’s smaller and portable so you can look at it anywhere you want and 2. It’s more private than a vision board which typically hangs in your bedroom for all to see.

I used motivational and inspirational stickers from one of the Happy Planner sticker books, and cut and pasted ideas of rooms I love to inspire me for my own home, and pictures of women I love to inspire myself. It’s kind of personal and specific to the person making it, so it’s not important what I have in mine. But I have to say there’s something about the tactile cutting out and pasting that feels so much nicer than just using Pinterest. This book is like my own little personal Pinterest.

I’ll do a post just on vision booking soon, but I just need to show you how pretty the inside of this book is.


All the pages inside are like ombre pinkish purple and I just love it. In fact, I love it so much that I bought another to use as a giveaway for one of you (and there’s like three people who look at this blog so the chances of you winning are very, very high! So be on the lookout for that very soon! 🙂


Well I hope I’ve given you some ideas on how to dig yourself out of the planner graveyard, if you’re not already doing all these things. Happy planning! xo