Sometimes, you need a little extra help getting there.

And you bet there’s a planner for that.

Meet the 2017 Passion Planner!

Here I am!

What the heck is the Passion Planner you might be wondering. The short answer is that it’s a planner made to help you achieve your goals or…passions. Yeah, pretty straightforward. Only….it’s not really. There’s a lot of abstract thinking that goes into this planner, and you kind of have to think big picture in order to fill all the details in for your little picture, daily planning.

The idea is that you think about all the things you want to achieve in life. I’m talking big picture. Like your dreams. Like stuff you probably don’t think you’ll ever accomplish. The planner asks you to make a wishlist of these life goals. Then break them down into how long you could conceivably achieve these goals (like 5 years, two years, 6 months, etc). Then the planner breaks down even further these goals for you according to the timeline you have set. Sound confusing? It kind of is.

The problem I have with goal-oriented planners like the Passion Planner isn’t really a problem I have with the planner. It’s a problem I have with myself. Some days I feel on top of the world, confident I can get it done in a day…but then other days I’m like, nah, this will have to wait until next week. If it’s not a doctor’s appointment, or kid’s activity, or birthday, I can’t commit to figuring out when I’m going to shoot for the stars. I’m just simply not confident or consistent enough in my own capabilities to really put this planner to use the way it deserves. But maybe you are?

The breakdown of the breakdown

Yeah, in addition to a monthly layout (with no tabs, my only other gripe), the planner breaks down your day hourly, half-hourly and gives you ample room for personal to-do lists, work to-do lists and a whole section for you to do whatever the fuck you want to with it – the “space of infinite possibility.”  But see areas like that meant for for creative doodling or idea generating give me nothing but anxiety. If I don’t like my doodle, I’ll have ruined the page! Too much pressure! Ahhh!

Some of you more creative, ambitious, detailed people may love this planner though. I would recommend it for you. Especially – ESPECIALLY – if you have a specific goal you reallllllllly want to work towards. I truly do believe that the planner will accomplish what it sets out to do. But only if you’re the type* that works that way. The Passion Planner has a limited amount of color and size options, and you can get one with a fancy design on the cover (like mine). The compact sizes (which I chose) start at about $25.

I’m also pretty intrigued by the 2017 Volt planner by Ink & Volt, which boasts similar claims to the Passion. This planner I do NOT personally own, mainly because I didn’t want to fork over $40 for a planner that doesn’t even have tabs. Am I the only one who NEEDS monthly tabs? Is this too much to ask?

Credit Ink and Volt

The Volt planner is also a goal oriented planner, but with a more abstract, relaxed approach. This planner gives a lot of freedom to its owner, allowing you fill in the blank spaces however you see fit. It’s a goal-oriented planner but with wayyyyyyy more flexibility than the Passion. But like I said, if I have trouble with the detailed goal task master that is the Passion, I’d probably have even more trouble getting into my goals with a laid back task master too. I don’t know, just throwing it out there.

Either way, these are two goal planner options that you could use to reach your ultimate goals in 2017. I mean, if you’re into that sort of thing.