Planning subscription boxes are like crack to the planner addict. In fact, one of the most popular planning subscription boxes is actually called Planner Addict. It’s a problem (in the best sense).

Here are three planner box subscriptions we think are worth the try!

Planner Addict Box

I actually tried this one and I have to say I was totally happy with every shipment. Stickers, inserts, fun paper clips, pens – you name it.  I believe this is probably one of the more popular planning-devoted subscriptions out there. This company has its act together and it shows. Here’s a pen I got from one of my shipments that I still use (and it even  matches the rose gold coils of my 2017 Erin Condren!)

Planner Addict pen

The price is on the reasonable to pricey side, but I believe you truly are getting good product. I think if you’re on the fence with any of these subscriptions, go with Planner Addict Box. And I’m saying this totally based off my experience – I’m not getting paid or free swag (but hey, I’m here if you ever read this Planner Addict Box!) to say this. Just my opinion!


This looks like just about the MOST fun subscription box service on the Internet. It’s just stickers, and you can choose a subscription for kids or adults.

Credit Pipsticks

In addition to their box service, Pipsticks also offers a shop that you can get awesome pouches to hold all your stickers like this banana pouch. To be honest, the whole site is fun to poke around in, so even if you want more planner-geared boxes and not just stickers, I’d still recommend heading over just to check them out. I dare you not to be tempted to join at under $15 a month!

And finally, the most lavish of the three….

Moustache Stationery Box

Credit Moustache Stationery

These boxes are pricey ($99 for three months), but really give you a LOT of beautiful, high-quality journaling and stationery supplies that you may not find anywhere else. If you’re looking for a subscription box that includes planning accessories but branches out into stationery as a whole, this is what you want. It’s awesome.

Let us know if you use any of these subscriptions and what you think! xo