Shhh…can you hear that sound? If you keep real quiet and press your ear to the computer screen, you can hear the sound of planning girls all around the internet weeping with joy that January is finally here. Time to crack open your 2017 planner (well, like, officially anyway).

I chose to stick with Erin Condren this time around, with a slight deviation from last year. I actually went vertical. I never thought I would, but I did. I got sick of watching all the “plan with me” videos on YouTube and seeing all the fun ways you gals gussy up your verts. I was horizontal for years but you convinced me to crossover. I’m excited to see where this new vertical lifestyle will take me.

It’s here! It’s here!

My 2017 Erin Condren had arrived a little behind schedule, but the unmistakably joyful packaging made up for any dismay I felt when I got an email apologizing for the shipping delay. To be honest, the last planner I ordered from Erin Condren had some shipping issues as well. For such a highly regarded product in the planning community, the customer service and web functionality have left a lot to be desired. But let’s keep this one focused on the awesomeness of new year planning! Ya with me? Good? Onward!

Ooooh for me? I shouldn’t have!

Of course, opening a new Erin Condren is the most wonderful experience this planning mom could ask for. Always fun, bright and happy, the box is ripe with freebies and accessories you don’t expect but of course hope for. I’m always curious what message the giveaway cards and postcards will say. Like a sacred, spiritual message from the universe that will speak directly to my soul and give me mystical insight for the year ahead. Or just whatever the dude who packages the EC planners grabs off the top of the pile. But still, either way, free swag and who doesn’t like that?


This time around I sprang for a pen holder and sticker set and I can say I’m happy with the stickers, but kind of regret the pen holder. It doesn’t fit the chunky pen I love using in my planners, and it kind of gets in the way and sticks out (yeah I know, it’s supposed to) in a way that doesn’t jive well with the aesthetic of the planner. So I’m not going to use it. Lesson learned.

When I peeled back the layers of goodies and got to the main event, my sweet, sweet planner, I can say I was instantly pleased with the choice I made.

The rose gold deco design was exactly as it was advertised, shiny and rosy, and the rose tone coils looked great. I have read a few reviews of the EC coils being tarnished or bent oddly, but luckily I avoided such a travesty.

In addition to the planner and freebies, I got a travel dashboard insert and the EC sticker pack which also seem great. I can’t wait to put them to use.

fresh stickers

travel dash!










I have to say, I’m pretty stoked to try out this new vertical layout. It will take some getting used to. Since I’m a horizontal traditionalist at heart, when I started planning out January’s first week, I kept treating the top box as if it was the only box for Monday….gotta remember to use the boxes underneath!

I get three whole boxes for one day??

All in all, I’m super happy with my new EC and whatever 2017 throws my way, at least I’ll have this pretty planner to cope. 🙂

Send me pics of your new planners for 2017 and I’ll post them on the blog!