So like…

I was in Target a few weeks ago, and obviously I went through the planner/stationery section. I caved when I came across a 2017 At-A-Glance Weekly Planner that had a layout I hadn’t seen from them before!

At home with me.


First of all, in person, it has the vibe of a well-worn leather travelers notebook. Not at all the typical, plasticky, black cover you usually see with At-A-Glance. Classy! It’s also bendable which I appreciate.

Open this baby up, and you can see:

1. The months are tabbed – a must for me. I will never buy another planner where the months aren’t tabbed and there’s a stupid string or rubber band attached to be used to hold your place. No thanks.


2. The months start on Sundays which is what I’m most used to. I know, I know, if it’s on a Monday you can lump the weekends together, but the Sunday start is what I’ve had on my calendars since I was a kid, so I’ve decided I officially prefer Sunday starts.

This planner is smaller and thinner than the Erin Condren. It fits in my purse and is big enough for me to write a lot with my sloppy-ass handwriting. Also, the weekly layout is unusual.

So you see, the week extends horizontally across to the opposite page! That does take a little getting used to, but the daily spaces are yuuuuge. And there’s a bonus box at the end of the week for whatever you want. Neat!

I seriously love this new planner and I’ve been using it since mid-March. It’s super cheap compared to Erin Condren – Under $15. You can check out the specs and pick one up for yourself here.


What new planners have you guys been using?

Happy planning! xo