The idea of meal planning always seemed so daunting to me. Who has the time to sit down, write out your weekly menu, go out and buy everything for it and then implement it? Sometimes the day throws you a curveball and you barely have time to make it to McDonald’s, let alone prepare a crockpot meal at 8 a.m. so it’s ready in time for karate practice. You feel me?

Anyway, I also hate resolutions and think they are a terrible, terrible concept. It’s great to have goals, but usually it’s something like losing weight, or some impossible feat that leaves you feeling like a horrible person when you don’t complete what you set out to do. And then you do it all over again next January.


I do think there’s something to this whole meal planning concept as a whole. Planning out your entire weekly meals will obviously help you with your nutrition and weight loss goals (if you are so inclined), and prevent last minute binging. And to be honest, once I figured out there are great meal plan templates out there that make it easy to fill in, I think I can give it a go for 2017. Here are some meal plans that can help you get your table and fridge organized so you can devote more time to drinking. Is there a meal plan for just drinking? Did I just invent something here? While I think about this more, here are the meal plans I think can work great with your planners or stand up well on their own.

Daily Burn

My husband and I once went on this exercise craze for like four whole months which is insane if you know us because all we like to do is watch Netflix and eat ice cream. We actually subscribed to the Daily Burn’s fitness app and followed the routines they had. I have to say it did give us more energy and made us feel good. Of course we stopped that right away because we’re wayyyyy too lazy and noncommittal for that nonsense. Anyway, I’d recommend it if you like to exercise (I don’t) but I noticed they had some other resources which were free and included meal planning templates! Woo hoo!

Humorous HomemakingĀ 

I first stumbled across this blog while watching the founder, Stacey, on Periscope talking about something like making your own bread or something like that. I found her to be very funny and informative, and I started following her on Facebook. I’m glad I do because she usually posts a lot of relevant material for stay-at-home moms. I like her meal plan in particular because it’s so stinkin’ simple.

Fab N Free

I’m not personally that familiar with this blog, but it’s claim to fame is that it just posts free stuff. I mean…’nuff said, right? Anyway, she posted a bunch of really cute, simple, FREE meal plan templates that I’m going to have to give a try myself. I am on this kick of free printables because I JUST GOT NEW PRINTER INK YOU GUYS. That’s like, once every six years or so, when I need to print out something for the kids’ schools. I’m in that zone of feeling like I can print out anything I want because new ink! Yeah! Anyway, these meal plans look great.

Erin Condren

Of course I have to include the made-for-your-planner meal plans, which typically cost money. Like this snap-in EC meal planner. I like the size of it and it runs about $4, which isn’t too bad. The only thing I don’t love about this is that it’s made for the dry erase markers. I like the dry erase cover and back cover and I use that for online purchases. But to fill in small boxes with those markers on a weekly basis seems like it’s not that practical (my dry erase marker stuff seems to get all smudgy as it is and that’s in the giant space for it on the cover). Do any of you use this meal planner? Thoughts?


The same could be said of chalkboard-type meal planners that go up on the wall or fridge. I like them, but I don’t love that you’re using the chalk or *marker in this case* that wipes off and smudges. Also the idea of posting my meal plan so anyone in my house can see what we’re eating everyday is embarrassing to me (like how I just had to look up how to spell embarrassing). Also now that my oldest is starting to read, I don’t wanna hear her complaining about what we’re having for dinner starting Sunday morning when I post it. I’d rather just have her complain about what I’m making as I’m making it, like usual. Cause this way I know she’s at least hungry and I can use my “Well don’t eat it then” response which leaves her like, “but I’m hungry” and then she eats it begrudgingly anyway. This is our routine. I don’t like change.

Sew Much Crafting


If you own a planner that requires inserts (like a Filofax), I highly, highly recommend the Etsy shop Sew Much Crafting. I have purchased inserts from her in the past for my personal size Filofax, and the quality was amazing. The paper has this sturdy, smooth feel that is fantastic to write on. She of course offers meal plan inserts, but she offers inserts for everything you could want. So awesome. In fact, I honestly believe that her inserts are better than the manufacturer’s inserts for most planners. Can’t stress enough.

Kikki K

I don’t have a Kikki K planner, but I know a lot of you do. What I appreciate about their meal planner, is that it comes on a custom sized pad that you can rip off each week, which seems like the most satisfying experience. I have to say, I’ve always found the Kikki K aesthetic to be very cute and simple which is important for planners who will fill up each page with tons of writing, stickers, and general chaos.

Do you have a meal plan you love to use? Throw us a link! šŸ˜€