I remember when The Secret by Rhonda Byrne came out.

I happened to be a librarian at the time, and The Secret was a NY Times Bestseller. Originally a DVD, the book was published shortly after. We couldn’t keep it on the shelf. Patrons would be on the waitlist for weeks, waiting to get their hands on just one of the multiple copies of the book we had purchased. It was a phenomenon. The author was on Oprah (which was a big deal at the time, kids).

So what the hell is The Secret all about? And what does this have to do with your planner post? – I know, I know, I’m getting there.

Basically The Secret was written about what’s known as The Law of Attraction. This “law” is a mystical force that dictates “like attracts like.” In other words, if you’re a negative person, you attract negativity. All the shitty things in your life are because of your poor attitude. If you change your way of thinking, you can use the law of attraction to attract great things into your life – a better job, true love, more money, etc.

The law of attraction says that if you concentrate and envision yourself in a beautiful house, with lots of money, and happiness, you’ll get it. You just have to believe and not let the negative thoughts pull you away from your dreams becoming reality.

Sound like a lot of bullshit?

Well, yes and no. Yes, I have a hard time believing that thinking your way to easy street will really work. But then again, this doubt may be exactly what is keeping me in my tiny house with my twenty extra pounds and bad arthritis.

Maybe the law of attraction really could work, if you took it seriously enough to give it a real effort. Hmm…if only there was a PLANNER that could help you focus on the law of attraction and organize your thoughts into a momentous force of positivity so you can be driving an Audi to your new mansion in 2017….

The Law of Attraction Planner


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Law of Attraction Planner.

Yeah, that’s right. It exists.

And not only does it exist, but you can put it in the microwave. Watch this.



Now, knowing I’m a complete planner fanatic, my sweet husband got me one of these planners for my birthday last week.

Yeah, that’s my copy of The Secret too. Don’t judge.

I got a blue one because the pink one wasn’t dated and I need dates in my planners. I’m crazy like that.

The very first page of this planner is a quote from Gandhi. 

The BALLS of this planner, right?? So I became intrigued. Who the hell made this thing anyway?

Of course.

This guy. Obviously, this guy.

So a bunch of things happened in his life which helped him see the light and he wants you to see the light too, by manifesting all your thoughts into this planner. Which, you have learned if you watched the video like I asked, you can put in the microwave to delete everything you write in it so you can use it again and again.

Well, it’s a lot, I must admit. And just like the claims of this planner, the actual contents of this planner are a lot to digest as well.

First of all, there’s more than one fold out section that extends past the cover of the book itself.

There’s a section (above) that folds out with glossy pages that go through emotional vibrations, affirmations and ways you can feel better to attract better energy into your life.

Then there’s this fold out (above) where you can draw, paste, and create your positive life statements and goals. Here’s what the manufacturer suggests your perfect life might look like when applied to this spread.

yeah, mine doesn’t look like this yet.


The whole book really pushes two things: 1. positivity and 2. goals. That sums this planner up, I’d say. It’s all about positivity and goals.


It  comes equipped with a “Law of Attraction” roadmap, which, of course, encourages you to also visit their website.


I don’t know, you guys. While I DO think there’s something to the law of attraction, I don’t know if this planner is actually going to help you attain your perfect life. I almost feel like there are TOO MANY worksheets and asides in this planner. All the foldouts, the info graphics, the fill-in charts and maps, it’s like I get it, dude, I get it, you want me to be positive and have goals. But after filling out the third self-discovery list and flipping through the 200 other ones I have yet to touch, my only goal was to put the book down so I could watch TV.

That’s not to say that this planner isn’t a great planner. It IS very nicely laid out. The pages have a shiny gold rim. The cover looks like a pearlized, embossed leather but is really just a sturdy, bendable material, somewhere between plastic and vinyl. I almost prefer man-made covers because they’re easy to clean. And the actual planner part is a useable, practical planner – once you find it after all the law of attraction junk in the beginning.


More stuff to fill in.


The actual planner part DOES exist.

There’s a monthly spread at the beginning of each month, and then weekly pages following that take up two pages per week. The days are broken down into half-hour increments which I actually do not like because it leaves very little room for information you want to fill in that isn’t time specific. So you can see, there’s a ton of space to write in for each day – but since every line has a time assigned to it, there’s very little room to write anything but an actual appointment. Bad design in my opinion. Maybe the undated version excludes the timeline on each day, but I’ll never know.

I can easily cover the times with washi, but that is a lot of work I’m devoting to fixing this planner when I should be focusing on my best, most positive life.

There are also spots for goals (of course), priorities for the week, to-do list, a habit maker list (which would be great for water tracker stickers), and a blank space to write whatever the heck you feel like.

A LOT of this planner’s design reminds me of The Passion Planner, and to be honest, I kind of like the Passion Planner better because it gives you more room for creativity and doesn’t make you fill in 4 billion charts.


I give The Law of Attraction Planner a C+. If you love filling out self-discovery charts then you’ll be psyched to own this planner. It’s just too many things to fill out that kind of echo each other in a way that once I filled out the first thing, I felt like I was just writing down the same things over and over again. And I hate the time stamped writing space in the daily section of the actual planner. It wastes the space. But it gets points for being pretty and microwaveable (with the right pen, that is.)

Do you own The Law of Attraction Planner? Has the law of attraction actually come to fruition in your own life? Let me know and happy planning. xo