A lot of people have been talking about KonMari lately.

What is KonMari? It’s basically this woman, Marie Kondo, who wrote a couple of books about how you can be happier by throwing all your shit out, and called it the KonMari Method.

Seriously. That’s it.

I mean, there’s technically a little more to it than that, and there are die-hard KonMari fans out there who would read this and be all “shut your face, KonMari changed my life!” And it probably has. But that’s also probably because their life was pretty awesome to begin with. Why?

  1. They had enough earthly possessions to throw out that it made them feel good afterwards (rich people problems).
  2. They had enough money to buy Marie Kondo’s book.

But really, it’s just about throwing out your shit. Oh, and folding all your clothes in a really specific way.

This picture is just an excuse to show off how nicely I did my eyeliner today.

So I figured, why not get on board and see what all the fuss is about?

The first book is called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.


I finished it in a day. Basically, to sum the whole book up in a really quick and dirty way, Marie Kondo’s whole thing is if the items in your house do not bring you joy, then you should chuck ’em. Or like, donate them or whatever would make you feel better about being so wasteful you POS.

But then after you completely declutter and ONLY surround yourself with the few items that bring you pure joy, you don’t buy anything else if you don’t absolutely love it and/or need it. So you live your life in a minimal, clean way. And a decluttered environment brings you peace of mind and happiness.

So I gave it a go and have stuck with a modified version of this for about a year. Which means it works! I guess, right?

Reading the first book definitely inspired me to get rid of a LOT of junk lying around our house (old clothes, old, unused kid stuff like toys and baby stuff we didn’t use anymore, gross old rugs and exercise stuff – ha ha). What I didn’t want I gave away to people I knew, or tried to donate if it was in good enough condition. But throwing things away also felt kind of cathartic. Like I was getting rid of bad energy that was weighing me and the whole fam down. Felt kind of amazing.

Then, I followed her instructions on how to fold my clothes so that I could see everything in my drawer AND save space. Sound like two opposing goals? Yes, but with her technique, it was possible. And I did it. Here’s a video of hers, explaining how to do it.

Yeah, so I followed her instructions, and totally folded all my clothes and my husband’s clothes using her method and I actually have stuck with it ever since. And I don’t stick with ANYTHING. ever.

That being said, I have kind of modified her methodology into the lazy version of KonMari. I’ll call it the “KonMeggi Method.” Here’s a picture of how my drawer looks right at this moment, without any touching up.  Only the most honest, transparent posts for you, my beloved reader (hi honey, remember to take out the garbage tonight thanks).

My jeans!

Before KonMari, I never would have been able to have 15 plus pairs of jeans shoved into my dresser drawer all at once let alone being able to see them all when I open my drawer, let alone seeing the actual bottom of the drawer itself! This way of folding really does save a lot of space and gives you the visual convenience of seeing everything you have all at once which saves time when you’re trying to get dressed so you don’t miss your kid’s bus again. I love it!

I do not, however, use her method for folding socks and underwear. I ball my socks like always, and I’m not anal enough to fold my underwear (no pun intended). But I do not begrudge those of you who do (freaks).

Her second book, Spark Joy, has a more illustrative approach than her first, and I often hear people saying they liked it better than the first one.

To be honest, I didn’t pour through this one like I did her first, because I felt like I already knew most of what she was saying. But I can see why people might like this one better. She seems a little more laid back in this one too. But if you’re only going to pick up one, I say stick with the OG. Everything you need to know is in the first.

Well, hope this little book review of sorts helps get some of your environment organized in 2017. Happy planning organizing! xo