A while back I made myself a sad Keanu planner clip.

My little buddy.


I posted him to social media and a ton of people asked me where they could buy one.

Sadly, my planner clips are not saleable because frankly, they are pretty cheap. I wouldn’t feel right selling one to anybody. But the good news is that they are SUPER easy to make yourself! You too can turn anyone into a planner clip. Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Printed out picture of whoever you want, scaled down to the size that would work well with your planner (Keanu is about 2 inches).
  • Scissors or, if you’re fancy, an exacto knife.
  • Glue gun
  • Sturdy paper clip
  • Lamination machine
  • Thermal Laminating pouch (I use 5.2 inches by 7.2 inches)

If you don’t own a lamination machine (which most people don’t) I highly suggest getting one! They’re not that much money and if you plan on doing a lot of paper crafting, they come in super handy. Plus, if you have kids, laminating school projects makes them look even more legit.

If you still don’t want to get one, you can do this craft by “laminating” your little guy between two pieces of clear packing tape. He or she won’t be as sturdy as a properly laminated one, but it will be glossy and protected from the elements like the ones I made.

Let’s get started!

Step one

Using the cutting tool of your choice, cut out your people as precisely as you can. The closer to the body, the better and more realistic they will look. Today, I’m making Larry David, Michelle Obama, The Golden Girls and RBG.  I like to make a few at a time so I don’t waste thermal pouches and paper.

Step two


Once you’ve cut them out to your liking, place them anywhere inside the thermal pouch. Make sure they are not touching one another. I use Scotch pouches (like the tape).


Step three


Feed your pouch through the laminating machine according to the instructions of whatever machine you have. Again, I use Scotch because it was cheap and it’s very simple, just like me.

This machine is under $20.


Step four

Once the pouch is out of the machine all the way, cut out your figures again, this time cutting as close as you can without cutting the little seal around each one. There will be a thin, clear outline around the perimeter of each one.


Step five

Fire up your glue gun and glue paper clips to the back of your people. Make sure the inner rim of the paper clip is glued down to your character and the outer rim is not glued down, so you can actually use it!


Let ’em dry…


And that’s it! Now you have your favorite characters and people peeking out at you to keep you company as you plan your day! 😀



How easy and fun is that?

If you decide to make some planner clips of your friends, family or celebrities, share them here! I’d love to see who keeps you company. Happy planning! xo