My daughter will not buy school lunch.

Just won’t do it.

I’ve pleaded, I’ve begged but she will not budge. Not because the lunch is gross or anything – actually, it’s mostly stuff she loves to eat (nuggets, pizza, etc).  She’s just painfully shy and doesn’t want to try something new. I don’t blame her – she gets it from me. I always brought my lunch from home, mostly because I was afraid I wouldn’t know what I was doing when I got up to pay and I’d make a fool of myself. Obviously that’s ridiculous, but when you’re a kid, these are the things that stress you out.

So I pack her lunch every single day.

It saves money somewhat; if i did the actual math, it would probably come out about even. Our school lunch is pretty inexpensive. But at least I know exactly what she’s eating and what she’s not.

Since I have to make her lunch every day, I wound up getting some compartmented Tupperware that fits a sandwich in one section, and two snacks in the others.

The set I have


I went with these reusable containers to save money on Ziplok bags which are pretty expensive, not to mention bad for the environment. I’m not the only mom that does this. Many of you do the same exact thing. Her school also does a separate snack time so I pack an extra snack in the zipper portion of her lunchbag.

While I was researching which lunch system I wanted to go with, I came across some of the cutest bento boxes around! Bento boxes are a stacking system of little boxes for a meal that is popular with Japanese culture. Don’t get me wrong – I love the boxes I went with, and I use them to pack my husband’s lunches too, every single day…but I am considering trying some these out for my daughter’s lunch because they are so freaking cute. And also maybe my husband’s so no one will take him seriously in the office anymore.

R2-D2 Bento Box

How cool would you be if you got your kid this Bento Box set, which is a 3D R2-D2??


This Kotobuki Geisha

I adore this girl!


Kotobuki Ninja



Kotobuki Lucky Cat



Kotobuki Ninja Girl


Kotobuki Sumo Wrestler


I love the butt on this guy!












Hello Kitty Bento


And while we’re on the subject, if you have a little extra time in the morning (yeah right), these little lunch accessories can go a loooooong way. Turn a bologna sandwich into a work of art with this food cutter and stamping kit!

Love that!

I also ADORE these condiment containers for soy sauce, ketchup, honey, mustard, you name it!

Hopefully I’ve inspired you to organize your kids lunches in the cutest possible way – Bento style! Happy planning! xo