Coffee and planning go together like Thelma and Louise.

If you’re a planner, you already know this. You’re probably sipping on a delicious latte as you read this at your desk right now (or wish you were). You’re probably also familiar with the myriad coffee-related planning products out in the marketplace. I know I’ve picked up a few myself. Since February is the month for lovers, let’s show our favorite non-alcoholic beverage some love, planner style.

Coffee Personality 4″x 4″ vinyl sticker

Perfect for a monthly partition, or file face, this adorable vinyl sticker showcases the multiple personalities of our favorite Joe.


Traditional style planner stickers that are simple, but perfect. From Momentum Planners & Stickers.



I adore this set from Ke@r K@ew. The colors are so bright, the stickers have sparkle and it includes desserts. Plus I loooove those coffee pots.

Sized to fit all planners, this set from Dek includes mason jars. No brainer.


This “Monday Coffee” kit from Dek is another home run. The colors are perfect for girly coffee lovers, and the kit includes the practical checklist hearts and bubbles that you can fill in for whatevs. In my cart.

Inktropolis gives us this rainbow set of coffee love that have a universal fit for most planners.


Love ’em or hate ’em, Starbucks is the go-to for most bougie Americans. I have a Starbucks in the Target I use, so I’ll pop in every now and then. These stickers would fit a tabbed insert, or the outside of your planner, or inside cover. I don’t know why I’m writing so much about this one set of stickers. Now I feel weird. By Vooseyhome.



“But First, Coffee” from Dek. Another great coffee spread from Dek! My God, they really know what’s up, don’t they? (I don’t work for Dek).

Coffee Art stickers from Lau & Home. I love old fashioned style food, like reminiscent of 1950s diner art or something. I also love that they advertise their stickers on actual coffee cups. WTG!

Happy Planner Instant Download from Alakazoo Designs.


I adore this art style from Polly Ester Planners. Super cute, simple and coffee lovin’ good.

Great set from My Mini Mae.


Coffee Cozie from Sweet Affairs Co.



Purple Trail planners offers this great coffee-themed cover, but it also comes with a lot of extras inside – dividers, folders, notepaper, to-do list – all for under $40! Pretty sweet, no matter what cover you go with.

Coffee lovers washi? Yes please. Karolinas Krafts.

And of course, this wouldn’t be a coffee lovers planner post without some planning coffee cups, right?

Jordan Alyssa Design


Deandra Designs Co

The Planners Gone Wild FB group call themselves Llamas, so this would be perfect for you planner llamas out there!


Oh Hello Coffee


Hopefully now the next time you sit down to plan with your fresh cup of coffee, show that cup some planner love. Happy planning! xo