I’ve always been more of a sticker-person than a stamper-person, but stamping has always intrigued me. Especially when it comes to clear stamping. Those kits are everywhere and honestly, it’s always been on my list of planning activities to try. If you’ve never done clear stamping, here’s a nice little video from Lawn Fawn that explains what it is.


Now, I am in no way shape or form related to Lawn Fawn, nor do I have an affiliate with them but I do blog about them because frankly, I love their stuff. They have this really cute, innocent, retro vibe that is great if you’re an educator, a mom, or just someone who wants to make some adorable paper crafts. Can’t go wrong with Lawn Fawn my friends.

Moving on.

Basically, clear stamping is adhering the stamps which are these rubbery little cling-ons, to an acrylic see-through block, and then using it like a traditional stamp with an inkpad. You can find acrylic blocks all over like these or these.

And when you’re finished, you can wipe it off with a baby wipe, stick the little rubbery thing back in the set you peeled it off of and reuse it another time. So all you really need is a set of acrylic blocks in different sizes and then you’re just buying the rubbery cling-on sets that strike your fancy (and ink whenever you run out). LOVE.

I’m going to post a video of me finally giving it a good shot, but here are some of the cutest clear stamp sets I’ve come across on my little foray into clear stamping.

Basic Planner Stamps

This kit from Tanpopo Art features the basic reminders and little icons we could all use like “Laundry” and “Trash” and comes with a yellow ink pad. I prefer black, but the yellow could come in handy for certain color blocking and won’t fight with your pen in a small space. I especially like the water cup stamps because Instead of taking up space with a million little water stickers, you can just stamp the amount of water in a single cup at the end of the day.

Plan On It Set by Lawn Fawn

Love the checklist boxes and hearts in this kit. Also appreciate the simplicity.


Ink By Jeng – Etsy

Simple little wingdings-style icons for your planner that never go out of style. Color them in or leave them bare, but they get the job done. Love the little sports bra one so much, it might convince me to go workout. Maybe.

Just Adorable Sets

Lawn Fawn Eggstra Special Easter

I know I’m a little bit ahead of the game here but I love Easter decorations and this stamp set is ridiculous. Love the open jellybean plastic egg.



Coffee Monster from Gerda Steiner Design

I like this set because although I love coffee so much I have an actual neck tattoo of a coffee mug (yep), I’d probably use these monsters for birthday cards or kids crafts unrelated to coffee. I think they’re great and would look dope over watercolor.

These frigging pigs. I can’t even.

Something about chubby flying pigs and I’m all in. You know?

Book Club Stamp Set – Etsy

I used to be a librarian and the idea of stamping an image of a stamp satisfies me on a deep, deep level.

So Jelly Clear Stamp Set – Etsy

I love the nachos. Oh my gosh look what this chica did with this set. Seriously look how cute it is over watercolor or markers!

Head over to her shop, It’s Your Party Pinit on Etsy and check out her stuff. Really, really cute!


Okay. So I’m going to start shopping now and surprise you with what I actually come up with. Let me know if you’re into clear stamping and any manufacturers that are your go-tos for inspiration. Happy planning! xo