With February approaching, couples all over are searching for that perfect, conflict-free diamond to propose to their significant other with in time for Valentine’s Day. Look no further, planning friends! Behold the bling pen!

Mo will forgive you for writing crooked with this beautiful pen.

Just look how the gems reflect light onto the page! You actually get the full set of 12 ballpoint pens with black ink in various colors for under $20! That’s awesome because you can break up the set and give 12 different valentines to your 12 planner friends who will most assuredly love these pens to death. I do. I’m going to get a set and just keep them all to myself because how adorable would one of these be peeking out of my Filofax? I know.

You cannot manufacture inspirado, but we’re sure glad they manufactured these inspiring bling pens to fuel all our future creative writing endeavors.

Get your set here!