If there’s one thing us east coasters can count on in February, it’s shitty weather.

Sounds pretty bleak, I know. But on the plus side, it’s the perfect time to cozy up in your house and finally make some time to read some of those books that have been collecting dust in the corner. And there’s really nothing better than a fantastic bookmark to inspire you to get back into reading. Fun and functional, theseĀ are some of the BEST bookmarks I came across on my recent hunt for a new reading buddy.








And these food bookmarks (below) are even scented too! – a great incentive for reading with your child (every few chapters they get a new bookmark).














And there you have it! Now you have NO EXCUSE to use a ripped off piece of paper, an old post-it or one of those magazine subscription inserts that fell out of your Reader’s Digest. Get a cute bookmark and get back into reading. Happy planning! xo