January is like the December of months for planners, right? Like, now OUR holiday truly begins. Because it all boils down to getting to finally use your new planner and your new calendar. I know some of you are like, “Actually, I got an academic planner which started in July because I couldn’t wait for January, but then I was like oh I should just get a new January planner because it’s the new year….” yeah, me too. Me too.

I browsed the ‘net high and low for some of my favorite 2018 calendars and here are my results.

History Channel This Day In History Calendar

This calendar gives you little factoids on every day of the year to commemorate historical events and people. The facts are printed at the bottom of every day in an unassuming, non-obtrusive way so it’s still completely functional. I especially like this because every day is  the “anniversary” of something which means you can drink 365 days out of the year because you’re “celebrating.” You’re welcome.

Farmer’s Market Calendar


I love this detailed, illustrated Farmer’s Market calendar because it shows you what produce is in season in a very classy way. We should all be eating seasonally according to fancy rich people (or doctors). It’s more natural or whatever. But even if it doesn’t inspire you to eat better, it’s just really pretty to look at. And perfect for your kitchen.

Rothko Calendar


So Mark Rothko has always been one of those artists, for me, that when I look at their work I literally think to myself “why am I not a famous painter?”

I know, I know, I just don’t “get” it, but like….seriously? I mean, it’s nice. It’s really nice. Pretty colors. And it just looks cool and modern art-y anywhere you put it.

Here’s the thing, though. If you have this Rothko calendar hanging in your house, it’s pretty, the colors are pretty, and people who visit your home will assume that you do in fact “get” it. So I say get the calendar, be someone who gets it and enjoy 12 months of artwork that will remind you that we can all be anything we want to be so long as there are enough people around to question their own understanding of the world. Wait, did I just “get” it?

Craft Cocktails


This sixteen-month calendar gives you a cocktail to work on each month. I especially like the chalkboard-style artwork that reminds you of being out at a classy bar instead of home with your kids, covered in dryer lint. You can perfect each drink and then throw a party at the end of the year, ripping out each picture and displaying it next to a tray of the drinks you made. Your guests will love it – they’ll be impressed with the drinks and you can pretend you drew the chalk pictures yourself. They’ll be too drunk to notice you didn’t buy 16 miniature chalk boards, and you’ll be the bell of the neighborhood yard sale!

I Could Pee On This

I mean….



I love these because there are people buying these and hanging them in the their homes for 12 whole months. I guess I put these on my list not because I love the calendars themselves, but the PEOPLE who are buying them. I appreciate people who buy this type of product. I’m not being sarcastic, I truly believe if more people were like these kinds of people, we’d all be having a good laugh at how terrible the world is. Also, I hate poetry, all poetry, and I appreciate the person who made these “poems.”

And while we’re on the subject of animals…

Extraordinary Chickens

This calendar is worth it even if you never actually put it up on display, but you’d be crazy not to. We eat chickens a few times a week and honestly this calendar is making me reconsider doing that.


Celestial phenomenons make the best monthly reminders that we’re not alone, we’re completely insignificant and stop worrying so much about everything. Also, outer space is just breathtakingly beautiful. This calendar provides real images from the hubble telescope which are hard to believe. You think they’re making it up? Speaking of made up nonsense….


Llewellyn’s 2018 Astrological Calendar

If you’re not a fan of surprises, check out the newest Llewellyn calendar for astrology that gives you your monthly horoscope so you can stay on top of what the universe has in store for you. I was kidding about it being nonsense. I’m a believer and Llewellyn specializes in calendars that track moon phases, witchcraft, goddess rituals and all that fun stuff.  You can check out what’s in store for your friends and family as well if you know their sun sign.

Amy Knapp


This gigantic calendar I actually DO own, and I have to say it’s treated my busy family well over the last year. The link is for the 2018 version, but I have to say I have gotten plenty of use out of the massive size of this thing. It also comes with stickers which, obviously, I love. It is really big though. It takes up one whole side of our fridge, so If you’re not into that, stick with a standard size calendar. But if you have a lot going on each day with multiple family members, which we do, this thing is a life saver. This lady irritates me because it’s such a simple idea – I’m just gonna make a bigger calendar and market it to busy moms – and now she’s like THE calendar lady kind of like how Erin Condren is THE planner lady. Ok so maybe she doesn’t irritate me, I irritate myself for not being savvy enough to come up with this concept first.

Last but not least, The Kid’s Awesome Activity Wall Calendar

We also own this calendar, the 2017 version, which I bought last year for my daughter. She loved it so much I’m getting her AND my youngest this version because my youngest was jealous all year that her big sister had the “cool” calendar.

Basically every month this calendar encourages the kid who uses it to do different activities. Sometimes it’s for the main month picture, other times it’s in the days of the calendar, but either way, it’s adorable and engaging and gave my daughter something to do each month. The illustrations are whimsical and funny and what can I say, I’m getting two more so obviously I love it.

There you have it! If there’s a wall calendar you just fell in love with for this year, send me a link so I can add it to the list. Happy planning! xo