Another round-up of my favorite calendars for the new year – desk style.


We’ve all seen those old-timey illustrations with the snarky caption on Facebook by Someecards. They are insanely shareable because sometimes they actually are funny. I’m partial to the ones that include a curse word. Well now you can enjoy a fresh one each and every day right on your desk.


The 365 Stupidest Things Ever Said Calendar

I appreciate that this exists just because it levels the playing field, you know? A new stupid quote for every day of the year to make you feel better about yourself.


Basic Bitch Calendar

I love this calendar. I’m writing this post wearing leggings as pants right as I type. There are so many gems from this calendar (think candles, hashtags, diets, etc) I don’t want to spoil it. Just get it.

USB Brick Calendar


How cool is this little desk calendar? You build it like Lego (though it’s just a generic version) and it actually acts as a USB hub! You can look forward to changing the setup each month (or not, but it’s a great kid gift idea!).


Blueline Coloring Desk Pad Calendar

I love desk-pad style calendars if you’ve got the desk space for them because they are SO easy to work with and you can jot down info which is not what typical desktop calendars are used for. This particular model encourages doodling – by giving you the coloring image to work with to showcase your artistic talent. Adult coloring books are all the rage and this desk pad calendar keeps the creativity flowing! By the end of each month you’ll have a beautiful spread, no matter how messy and jam-packed the middle of the month was! 🙂

Wood Block Perpetual Calendar


I love the simple clean style of this wood block calendar, but I especially appreciate that it includes the day of the week which many of these wooden desk calendars do not. That is often the question I have running through my mind when I’m thinking of what bills or kids activities I’m supposed to be focused on.


Digital Calendar Day Clock

Yes, technically, this is a clock, I know. But it’s also a desk calendar and I happen to know that it is FANTASTIC because we own it! I have it on our TV console, but it really would make the perfect desk calendar because it is so simple but so informative. The font is HUGE and clear and it updates without me having to do a damn thing which is the best part. Once it got stuck and I had to reboot it, but otherwise it is so helpful. I believe you could hang it on the wall if you wanted to, but I think the cord would show. It IS battery operated as well but that’s really supposed to be only if you lose power as a backup. Seriously a great gift because who couldn’t use this and it comes in different frame colors, too!


MOMA Perpetual calendar


I love that this calendar takes a minute for the viewer to figure out what they’re looking at. Art for your office that’s functional. Doesn’t get better than that. Plus the proceeds go to the Museum of Modern Art which is pretty awesome.


Peanuts Lucy Calendar

So, I’m not like a huge Peanuts fan or anything, and I know this desk calendar does not include the day of the week, but something about it charmed me and I felt like including it here. It’s pretty adorable.

Steamboat Willy Mickey Calendar


Same thing with this little guy, though I AM a Disney fan (see the basic bitch calendar, above). I hate that it doesn’t have the day of the week on it, but the cuteness factor overrides this missing detail.


Well, there you have it. Ten of my favorite desk calendars all set for 2018. How is your desk calendar? Send a pic for the comments and a link where to buy! Thanks and happy planning! xo