Author: Meg

Meal Planning in 2017

The idea of meal planning always seemed so daunting to me. Who has the time to sit down, write out your weekly menu, go out and buy everything for it and then implement it? Sometimes the day throws you a curveball and you barely have time to make it to McDonald’s, let alone prepare a crockpot meal at 8 a.m. so it’s ready in time for karate practice. You feel me? Anyway, I also hate resolutions and think they are a terrible, terrible concept. It’s great to have goals, but usually it’s something like losing weight, or some impossible...

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PlannerCon 2017!

We’ve all heard about comic-con, but did you know there was a…Plannercon??? That’s right! In only two months the first ever Plannercon will take place at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco, March 11-12, 2017! 🙁 I’m bummed because I’m on the other side of the country and I only found out about this event by chance just now. There’s no way I can get my act together in time to book a flight and schedule childcare for this kick-ass event. The tickets are kinda pricey at between $119-139, but you KNOW a Plannercon is going to have THE....

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Planner stickers

My very first planner sticker post. Where to start, where to start? ETSY! Let’s be honest. There are like, 2 billion Etsy planner sticker shops. It’s hard to navigate because there are frankly too many shops to pour through. Luckily stickers don’t usually break the bank, so taking a chance on a new shop is never a terrible idea. Here are two of my favorite shops right off the bat! SodaPopStudio Shop This shop features some of the cutest and most relevant stickers for us busy moms and young women alike. She keeps it interesting by doing live videos on...

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Planner Goals

Sometimes, you need a little extra help getting there. And you bet there’s a planner for that. Meet the 2017 Passion Planner! What the heck is the Passion Planner you might be wondering. The short answer is that it’s a planner made to help you achieve your goals or…passions. Yeah, pretty straightforward. Only….it’s not really. There’s a lot of abstract thinking that goes into this planner, and you kind of have to think big picture in order to fill all the details in for your little picture, daily planning. The idea is that you think about all the things...

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New Year, New Planner!

Shhh…can you hear that sound? If you keep real quiet and press your ear to the computer screen, you can hear the sound of planning girls all around the internet weeping with joy that January is finally here. Time to crack open your 2017 planner (well, like, officially anyway). I chose to stick with Erin Condren this time around, with a slight deviation from last year. I actually went vertical. I never thought I would, but I did. I got sick of watching all the “plan with me” videos on YouTube and seeing all the fun ways you gals gussy...

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