Author: Meg

Holy Sheet

When you don’t know WTF to make for dinner, I have a suggestion. SHEET PAN CHICKEN!!! (in my oprah voice) I make sheet pan chicken once a week because it always comes out great and it’s the easiest thing I make. All you need is a sheet and some bone-in, skin-on chicken parts. I prefer using 4 breasts, but last night I only had 2 breasts and some thighs so I used those. Basically sheet pan chicken is chicken on a sheet pan, and you put some roasting veggies around it and voila! Dinner is served. That’s literally all...

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Sweat-proof Planner?!

During my daily search for the perfect planner for 2018, I came across the Rite in the Rain planner. This little guy sets himself apart from the other planners by claiming to be repellent against water, mud and ….sweat. If you’re so sweaty that all your plans keep getting smudged in your planner, please go to a doctor. I can’t imagine any scenario that it makes sense for a person to be planning and also simultaneously sweating all over the place. Like, if you’re running a marathon, are you also carrying your planner? If you’re house is 100 degrees...

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Using Blue Apron

Plan On It – Meal¬†Delivery Services – Blue Apron I hate cooking. Well, I shouldn’t say hate, hate is a strong word. I just don’t love it. And to be honest, if I was cooking with a glass of a wine and some relaxing music like the Barefoot Contessa in my East Hampton estate, I’d probably feel differently. But when I cook, it’s usually in my cramped 1980s kitchen, to the tune of two screaming, fighting children who will instantly hate the meal it took me an hour to prepare for them because of their constant, ungrateful interruptions. So,...

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Best 2018 Wall Calendars

January is like the December of months for planners, right? Like, now OUR holiday truly begins. Because it all boils down to getting to finally use your new planner and your new calendar. I know some of you are like, “Actually, I got an academic planner which started in July because I couldn’t wait for January, but then I was like oh I should just get a new January planner because it’s the new year….” yeah, me too. Me too. I browsed the ‘net high and low for some of my favorite 2018 calendars and here¬†are my results. History...

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Gouda Stuffed Porkchops

Whenever I don’t know what to make for dinner, I think about what I’d order if we were going out to eat. Usually it would be some kind of meat with some kind of cheese and lots of wine. I made these gouda and spinach-stuffed pork chops for dinner last night and my kids absolutely hated them. They hate anything that is mixed together on the plate. I knew this going in, but I didn’t care. I was hungry. My husband and I decided they were okay, because it’s meat and cheese, and what’s not to like about that?...

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