We live in uncertain times.

So what can we do? We can turn to the stars, of course! Here are some astrological calendars and planners that will help you navigate the rocky waters of life when all else fails you. The universe has got your back.

Llewellyn’s Calendar

There are 84 editions of this astrological calendar and for good reason. As far as universal guidance goes, this calendar is a reliable authority. Astrologist Lesley Francis started her career back in 1974, working as a journalist and writer before fully realizing her gifts. This calendar gives you the best days for travel and even what days are the best for fishing!




This calendar works with the phases of the moon, the planets and the seasons. It includes poetry and folklore with its beautiful artwork. I know that my house gets crazy when there’s a full moon, at least with this I’ll be prepared.


The Witches’ Datebook


This datebook, also published by Llewellyn’s, includes the phases of the moon and rituals to accompany it, recipes, articles, spells – all in addition to a practical calendar. It also includes a guide for the best days to garden and notes all the Wiccan holidays.


Spiral Spectrum Cosmic Astrology chart

This graphic chart is artistically rendered by Julie Norris Wilder, who presents the astrological calendar almost like a mandala. This would be beautiful hanging up (if you can make sense of it) in your home, or if you’re a skilled bujo artist, would make an awesome addition to your bullet journal.


2017 Pocket Astrologer


I love when planners fit into my purse. This fits into your purse. How great is that? It also includes an intro to astrology so you can make sense of all the sunrise/sunset/moon phase stuff inside. The only thing missing from the full version is the celebrity birthdays, to make room since it’s pocket-sized. But who cares about celebrity birthdays anyway?

The Moon Diary

Based out of the UK, the authors of The Moon Diary have finally been able to offer this planner through Amazon. It is a really nicely laid out, spiral-bound planner that includes the moon phases and information about the astrological signs, all with plenty of room to write. Love it!

And finally, this wouldn’t be a roundup of the best astrological planners without an offering from The Astro Twins!!

Aquarius 2017

The Astro Twins are known in celebrity circles, have been featured in Elle Magazine and countless others. You can actually get a planner just for your sign through them which will help you determine your best days for money, love, etc. I love them and find their predictions to be pretty accurate. In fact, I’m going to buy this Aquarius planner for myself right now.

And there you have it. I hope that if you’ve been feeling a little lost lately, this planetary planning list will help you remember to look up at the stars. Happy planning! xo