Month: April 2017


So like… I was in Target a few weeks ago, and obviously I went through the planner/stationery section. I caved when I came across a 2017 At-A-Glance Weekly Planner that had a layout I hadn’t seen from them before!   First of all, in person, it has the vibe of a well-worn leather travelers notebook. Not at all the typical, plasticky, black cover you usually see with At-A-Glance. Classy! It’s also bendable which I appreciate. Open this baby up, and you can see: 1. The months are tabbed – a must for me. I will never buy another planner where...

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Fun Facts America Postcards

Things have gone haywire, haven’t they? One of the most important things you can do, is call your representatives in support of or opposition to the overwhelming changes taking place around you. But if you’re like me, you are kind of shy and hate talking on the phone. So why not mail a postcard? I’ve selected these Americana postcards that include fun little facts that your congressperson may find entertaining enough to hold on to! For example, did you know a bald eagle’s nest can sometimes weigh up to a...

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Hare and Nails

I know I normally focus on organizational stickers, but I came across these tiny rabbit nail-art stickers that I had to post. I’m not a huge nail art person, but if I was going to get festive for Easter or spring in general, I’d be all about these! Get them...

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