Month: March 2017

Wonder Woman Scissors

In the spirit of Women’s Month March, here are a creepy pair of vintage scissors meant to celebrate Wonder Woman. Cool or Terrifying? Not sure, but I love them either way! Get a pair...

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FREE Mary Engelbreit Action Postcards

This is so cool. Famed illustrator Mary Engelbreit is offering free postcard downloads from her website for political action. Using the “Nevertheless she persisted,” catch phrase, there are two different illustrations to choose from. What an adorable way to send your concerns to congress. Thank you Mary, we love...

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50% off EC!

Wait, what? Yeah, I know! I just went to check on the new March covers, and I see that for a limited time, you can get your very own Erin Condren Life Planner for HALF FREAKIN OFF. Run, don’t walk. Do it now. By the time you read this whole post the offer will probably have expired, and you’ll be so mad at yourself. Don’t blame me though. Why are you still reading this!?...

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Simple March Planner Pack

Often I’m tempted to spend money I don’t have on a themed sticker pack, usually on Etsy and usually intended for an entire week or month spread. And after I sit down and use it I realize there’s very little room left to actually write down my appointments and notes. Stupidity. So when I find a themed pack like this one that is super sparse, I jump on it. You can still be festive AND have plenty of room to write down all the symptoms you want to go over with your doctor on your next appointment. PRO TIP...

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Luck of the Calendar

As an Irish gal, I can say with complete frankness – this calendar is ridiculous. Every page is pretty much a reminder of why I’m so pasty. Okay not EVERY page, but you know, we Irish are not known for our tans. Maybe our black and tans (Yeah, I know the drink originates from England, but work with me)?  On the other hand, if you’re looking for something to perk up the winter doldrums, it will keep your eyes smiling at the sheer absurdity at the very...

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