Month: February 2017

365 Days of Black History Calendar

Because African American history shouldn’t just be one month out of the year! This calendar showcases important contributions from African Americans in our history – some well known and some not. A beautiful addition to any office space. From...

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Tattoo Appt Sticker

Recently, I got another tattoo with my sister. We love getting matching tattoos. It’s like, our thing. So it got me thinking – is there a cool tattoo appointment sticker for my planner out there? Of course there is! Leave it to Anxiety Aids to come up with the best stuff. I love this...

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Organizing Family Recipes

I’m in cookbook rehab. I have always been and will always be, drawn to cookbooks. I have collected over 100 cookbooks in my life, some of which I’ve given away or discarded because they got gross from use. Some I just can’t seem to part with. Even if I’ve never made a single dish from the book itself, there are some unused cookbooks I own that I can’t get rid of because I can’t bear to part with the possibility of the promise of delicious food. Did I mention I can’t cook? I mean, I can physically “cook” something,...

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Valentine Stickers

From Crate Paper This set is super cute and includes chipboard sticker (shown below) and mixed ephemera that can be used for scrapbooking as well as planning. I just love love, don’t...

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Blue Sky February Freebie!

I never knew but apparently Blue Sky Planners offers a free printable color-yourself calendar page each month! And it looks like February is ready to go. This is great to use just for fitness, a meal plan, your fridge, you name it. Thank you for being awesome, Blue Sky! Get yours...

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