Month: February 2017

The Best Bookmarks. EVER.

If there’s one thing us east coasters can count on in February, it’s shitty weather. Sounds pretty bleak, I know. But on the plus side, it’s the perfect time to cozy up in your house and finally make some time to read some of those books that have been collecting dust in the corner. And there’s really nothing better than a fantastic bookmark to inspire you to get back into reading. Fun and functional, these are some of the BEST bookmarks I came across on my recent hunt for a new reading buddy.              ...

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Anti Valentine’s Stickers

From RakPaperStickers, these anti-Valentine’s Day planner stickers are a great way to be festive without giving in to the commercialization of love. If you ask me, this is the ONLY way to enjoy those shitty-tasting, chalky, heart candies – as planner stickers. Love...

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Valentine’s Day Planning

It’s all about planner love! Check out these love-inspired planning supplies with our Valentine’s Day planner round-up! Happy Planner, Follow Your Heart   Frustrasers   Transparent Heart Sticky Notes   Refillable Writing Journal     Romantic Writing Quill   Heart Snow Globe Pen   Post It Holder   I Love You Sticky Notes   Valentine’s Washi     Love Taxi Planner Stickers   Queen Of Hearts Happy Planner Kit by PaperPotpourriCo   Woodcarved...

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