Month: January 2017

Fangirl Planner Clip Tutorial

A while back I made myself a sad Keanu planner clip.   I posted him to social media and a ton of people asked me where they could buy one. Sadly, my planner clips are not saleable because frankly, they are pretty cheap. I wouldn’t feel right selling one to anybody. But the good news is that they are SUPER easy to make yourself! You too can turn anyone┬áinto a planner clip. Here’s what you’ll need: Supplies: Printed out picture of whoever you want, scaled down to the size that would work well with your planner (Keanu is about...

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Law Of Attraction – The Planner

I remember when The Secret by Rhonda Byrne came out. I happened to be a librarian at the time, and The Secret was a NY Times Bestseller. Originally a DVD, the book was published shortly after. We couldn’t keep it on the shelf. Patrons would be on the waitlist for weeks, waiting to get their hands on just one of the multiple copies of the book we had purchased. It was a phenomenon. The author was on Oprah (which was a big deal at the time, kids). So what the hell is The Secret all about? And what does this...

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Pipsticks X Passion Planner Giveaway

Head on over to Pipsticks for an awesome giveaway collaboration with Passion Planner! Win the limited edition pink Passion Planner by entering through the Pipsticks blog, Facebook (see post capture below) or Instagram. Giveaway ends on Friday so hurry!...

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