Month: January 2017

PlannerCon 2017 Details Up!

Looks like there are more details up about this year’s PlannerCon! The ticket information can be found here and it looks like the prices range from $119-139 – which is pretty reasonable considering the Go Wild Planner’s Conference was over $400 (and is currently sold out). The PlannerCon peeps have posted their lineup and I have to say I’m totally impressed! They have Erin Condren, The Reset Girl, Amy Tangerine and more! The official agenda of all the guest speakers, workshops and even the rooms is up already too, so you can pick exactly how you’d like to spend your...

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Chinese New Year for your Planner

It’s the year of the Rooster and we’re getting in the Chinese New Year spirit! Here are some festive kits and decorations to get your planner in on the celebration.                               Happy Chinese New Year, and happy planning!...

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Home Planner Log Book

I love the idea of writing down everything for your home in one, handy book. Black & Decker put this one out in 2015 and it’s a great place to store all your home-related information: what was the exact shade of paint you used in the bedroom? When was the last time you changed the batteries in the smoke alarm? Great gift for new...

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Astrological Planning

We live in uncertain times. So what can we do? We can turn to the stars, of course! Here are some astrological calendars and planners that will help you navigate the rocky waters of life when all else fails you. The universe has got your back. Llewellyn’s Calendar There are 84 editions of this astrological calendar and for good reason. As far as universal guidance goes, this calendar is a reliable authority. Astrologist Lesley Francis started her career back in 1974, working as a journalist and writer before fully realizing her gifts. This calendar gives you the best days for...

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Message Board Desk Lamp

I’m always looking for cool ways to maximize my desk space (which is pretty small). When I’m planning or crafting, I need my space to be clean, organized and well-lit. This morning I came across this awesome desk lamp that has a futuristic memo board attached to it. It also comes with the special highlighter pen that you use to write whatever offensive jokes you think up to get you through the day. Love...

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