Month: January 2017

Planning Hack Every Planner Should Know!

There is nothing that annoys me more than not being able to flip right to the page I want, right when I want to. You feel me? This is why if a planner doesn’t have tabs, it better do something else miraculous for me to even consider picking it up. Of course, some planners happen to fall into that category, so I developed a little hack that helps me get right to the page I need. Sometimes even when there is a tab for the month, there’s no tab that takes me to the week in the weekly section...

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Planner Box Subscriptions – Which To Try?

Planning subscription boxes are like crack to the planner addict. In fact, one of the most popular planning subscription boxes is actually called Planner Addict. It’s a problem (in the best sense). Here are three¬†planner box subscriptions we think are worth the try! Planner Addict Box I actually tried this one and I have to say I was totally happy with every shipment. Stickers, inserts, fun paper clips, pens – you name it. ¬†I believe this is probably one of the more popular planning-devoted subscriptions out there. This company has its act together and it shows. Here’s a pen...

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Pen Plant!

Decorative and functional? Doesn’t get better than this! Blades of a houseplant are secret pens! Pen Plant, single blade,...

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