Month: January 2017

Ted Baker London Travel Document Holder

I’ve always been a huge fan of Ted Baker, and I have to say their stationery and accessories line does not disappoint! I love this new Travel Documents wallet which comes with a rose gold pen and feminine, floral interior. Plenty of room for your passport, credit cards and ID, making planning for your next vacation a breeze! Nordstrom,...

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Organize Now!

I think it’s fair to say I like this book because of the cover. This is probably why I’m not a librarian anymore. At any rate, pick up a copy of Jennifer Ford Berry’s book, Organize Now! to help you simplify your life.  I recommend getting a copy of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, as well. That book changed my life. Organize Now! is great because it breaks up the work into simple checklists and smaller tasks to make the overwhelming seem possible, whereas Kondo’s book is more like, a life philosophy. But both will...

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Cutest Kids Lunch Organizers

My daughter will not buy school lunch. Just won’t do it. I’ve pleaded, I’ve begged but she will not budge. Not because the lunch is gross or anything – actually, it’s mostly stuff she loves to eat (nuggets, pizza, etc).  She’s just painfully shy and doesn’t want to try something new. I don’t blame her – she gets it from me. I always brought my lunch from home, mostly because I was afraid I wouldn’t know what I was doing when I got up to pay and I’d make a fool of myself. Obviously that’s ridiculous, but when you’re...

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