Month: December 2016

Types of Planners

Ahh, 2017. A time to start fresh, forget all the awful things that dragged you down in 2016. But most importantly, time for a new personal planner! Woo-hoo! Trouble is, there are so many personal planners out there to choose from. If you’re anything like me (and chances are you are since you’re here), you kind of want to buy all of the planners. Well, here’s a bit of advice – find one planner you love and save your money for all the fun accessories that go into planning with it (stickers, washi, markers and pens-oh-my!). If you have...

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Planning Without Borders

Are you familiar with the Bullet Journal? Popular within the planning community, the Bullet Journal allows the user to completely customize their planning/journaling experience by really limiting the amount of prewritten material inside (think no dates, no boxes, no nuthin). Basically the journal gives you tiny dots to work with as a guideline, and lets you pretty much design the rest (see above). According to Bullet Journal, the best way to utilize this tool is by following a system of bulleting which will help you break down all of your tasks in the most efficient way. For example, you...

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